• Professional amusement equipment manufacturer

                                    Can be customized according to customer requirements or site size, with reasonable price and fast delivery

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                                  • Open new ideas for recreation

                                    Factory direct sales, various specifications, trustworthy

                                    The products cover horse spinning | roller coasters | observation vehicles | automatic control aircraft | rotating tower | taxiing vehicles | bumper cars

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                                  • Reasonable planning and rapid production

                                    Provide customers with overall planning of indoor and outdoor parks

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                                  ABOUT US

                                  GOLDEN DRAGON GROUP

                                  Equipment Co., Ltd

                                  Founded in 1989, Golden Dragon Group is an Asian integrated amusement group. The business scope of Golden Dragon Amusement Group includes the R&D, production and sales of game and entertainment equipment, planning, design, engineering installation and investment consulting and operation services of large amusement parks and indoor amusement parks, and the development of cultural tourism real estate. Zhongshan headquarters of the group company covers an area of 150 mu, with 60000 square meters of production plants. The Group's subsidiaries include: Zhongshan Jinlong Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Longcheng Game and Amusement Equipment Trading Center, Zhongshan Weilong Animation Technology Co., Ltd., Jinlong Happy World and other wholly-owned branches and holding subsidiaries.



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                                  Production workshop



                                  Enterprise employees



                                  Yield a product

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                                  Reasons for choosing Jinlong amusement equipment

                                  Exemplary craftsman with outstanding quality

                                  R&D advantages of recreation equipment

                                  We have R&D and technical personnel to constantly innovate according to market demand and present more interesting diversion projects for customers!

                                  Manufacturing advantages

                                  With many years of production experience, it has the ability of blanking, forming, welding, painting, installation and debugging.

                                  After sales service advantages

                                  Free amusement park planning and design, equipment manufacturing (customizable) installation, equipment maintenance, and considerate service are only for your business!

                                  Golden Dragon Amusement Brand Advantages

                                  No one stepped on your property until it was verified by background checks, drug screening and work history.

                                  Recreation equipment customization process

                                  Founded in 1989, Zhongshan Jinlong is a famous amusement equipment modernization group company with a large scale and a wide range of products in Asia

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                                    Early demand communication

                                    PRELIMINARY DEMAND COMMUNICATION

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                                    Agree on contract matters

                                    AGREED CONTRACT MATTERS

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                                    Field survey

                                    FIELD SURVEY

                                  • 04

                                    Equipment production and installation

                                    EQUIPMENT PRODUCTION AND INSTALLATION

                                  • 05

                                    After sales tracking service

                                    FTER SALES TRACKING SERVICE

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                                  Reliable quality, reasonable price, honesty and commitment

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                                  Reliable quality, reasonable price, honesty and commitment

                                  Professional amusement equipment manufacturer

                                  Promote implementation in professional fields Help customers find the best solution to their problems

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                                  Jinlong Industrial Park, No. 29, Shagang Middle Road, Gangkou Town, Zhongshan City


                                  +86-13928182083( Facebook, Whatsapp and Wechat)


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